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Our school is located in the heart of Palmers Green, in the London Borough of Enfield, using the extensive facilities of Hazelwood school. It was established by the Greek Parents Association in 1970. It is a well-run school, offering focused, quality Greek language tuition to over 50 children of multicultural origins. We cater to children of all levels, from nursery right through to GCSE.


Aside from the linguistic component, each child also can learn about other aspects of their heritage such as Greek and Cypriot history and traditions through participation in dance, music and various cultural celebrations organised by the school. Our school is rich in diversity and is inclusive of all families who are interested in learning Greek and being part of our Greek School community.


We are fortunate to have teachers from Cyprus and Greece working at our school, our Cypriot teachers are provided by The Cyprus Education Mission who also supports our schools by providing us with new books each academic year.


We are one of the Greek Schools of the Greek Parents Association.

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We take registrations throughout the academic year up until the end of January each school year for that current year.

Thereafter, registrations will be for the New Term beginning in September


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